Friday, August 22, 2014

Cortana challanges Siri and Google Now on ALS

Hi this is my video for the ALS #iceBucketChallange. Share it if you like this video

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Again a valentine poem

This is my Valentine poem for 2014 inspired by Pranayashathakam of TP Rajeevan.

To the surgeon desperately searching for my heart,
I told ,
Ask her
As I have given mine  to her already.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Nexus 5 my story

What can be the time frame between two consecutive posts in a blog , for me it can be more than  a year. Here is my latest story

" Do you have whatsapp in your mobile ? " "so that i can message you " . 

This question thrashed my heart ,I love to get her message but i cant install whatsapp on my mobile since my Samsung runs on Bada OS. 

I had lot of arguments with my friends asking me to upgrade my mobile to Android and iOS, as I couldn't find any satisfactory  answers to support their decision . You can check mail on the go was one point  I replied , I have access to mail at office and I have internet connection at home and my travel time is between 10-15 mins and I don't expect any urgent mail mean time .Also i dont think its a good habit of getting disturbed by mail received sound all time in my day .

You can Yelp , Map, Tweet , FB and you tube , I Yelped back " I use all these in my laptop " . So my friend will say one day you will find that you really need a Android or iOs phone but I don't know when and for what..lets see how long you can survive without a smart phone .

So after the whatsapp day.. I need an android phone , am not a big fan of apple ..I love  handy phone and hates notes . I really love QWERTY phones but now a days those using keyboard phone are  considered pre historic , i finalized on android phone. I love some thing special so i searched and found that there is lot of hype going around Nexus 5 . I started following Nexus 5 and fell in love with it . The hype was like it will be release
today or tomorrow but weeks passed , still unreleased . The latest news was that it just appeared and disappeared on Google play for 349$ .

So i am waiting for the DDay to get Nexus5.

Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways , will be running on Android 4.4 KitKat featuring a nearly 5-inch display, powered by 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and an 8-MP camera, 2GB of RAM, with 16GB & 32GB of storage .

I am looking forward for  whatsapp so it can bring in my life .

The beautiful pic is of  Nexus 5  (Courtest engadget).

Thursday, June 07, 2012

How to parcel bike in train ?

Probably most of us haven’t come across a scenario of parceling a bike in train .Recently me and my friend went to parcel his bike via train from Ernakulum to Trivandrum . We straightly went to parcel booking office , purchased a form the counter .The guy asked about the parcel and placed a seal inside the form indicating two-wheeler . 
To get the form you need to produce a copy of your RC book and a valid photo ID card .
Fill the form with details of your vehicle the sender address  and the address of the receiving person. He suggested to empty the petrol tank before we parcel it.

There are guys who will get your bike ready for parceling  by wrapping your head lights with sack and cardboard to prevent cracking while loading and unloading .  So forget about your bike , it will be loaded into the next train for destination.

Now the story part ...
The packing guy asked my friend 
"Sir , how much petrol is in the bike ?"
My friend  replied casually 
"Barely half liter " .

 So he came with a empty Aquafina bottle and a small hose .He fitted it inside the valve .Seconds passed and the one liter bottle became full. My friend was confident that there may be one or two drops more .So the man again came with another one liter Biselleri  bottle .This time also he was lucky that the second bottle also became full . My friend now got into the depths of despair . At last the man was able to draw nearly three and a half liters of petrol from my friends bike .He moved all the three bottles hid it inside their resting place and came back with sack and card board ready to pack .

In the mean time my friend inquired about when the bike will reach Trivandrum .He said that it will be loaded into the very next train .So that’s  fine , but the double despair part is coming  only. 
Once the parcel reaches the destination ,until we go and collect it we need to pay Rs.10/- per hour as additional charge. In case of my friend he will reach Trivandrum only on Tuesday .So five days , 
5* 24 * 10 =  1200.00  rupees .

So the best part is we asked the packing guys to put the petrol back and we  gave him a liter of Petrol free . We drove back happily and he will be driving his bike all way back .

image courtesy

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